Divorcing While Aging: Unique Issues Gray Divorces

Divorcing While Aging: Unique Issues Gray Divorces

Rates of divorce and remarriage in later years are high in Florida. According to the AARP, Florida remains the number one state for retirees to move to, offering two big desirables: warm weather and low taxes. Getting divorced in older years is much more common than it was 50 years ago, as people are prioritizing their own happiness and seeking to enjoy their lives. Divorces involving older or elderly adults are known as gray divorces.

When people are already in retirement, there can be unique issues with health insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and military benefits. Some people in their 50s and 60s are supporting their own elderly parents, at significant cost. The financial outlook for two separate retirements can be much bleaker than one joint retirement.

When couples have been together for decades, sorting out property can be complicated. Couples who have been married for long periods of time may find that almost every asset deemed to be marital property. You may need an attorney to make sure you get your fair share.

Additionally, in gray divorces, Florida courts may award durational alimony, alimony provided for a length of time equal to the length of the marriage itself. Financial protections like life insurance may also be required to support the financial burden of the spouse paying alimony. Gray divorces present different issues than other divorces, and you need an attorney who can address your individual needs.

Getting the Best Outcome For Your Florida Divorce

In many divorces, no one truly “wins,” but there are always options and solutions. Particularly if finances are already strained with one household, two households may be even more strained. With an attorney, you can determine your goals for the division of assets in a divorce, which may be monthly financial support, retaining control of a shared business, or keeping a home or vehicle. Given the complexities of divorce, you should not face your future alone. To discuss your rights and best chances of receiving an equitable distribution of property in your Florida divorce, contact Sara Jones Law, P.A. at (863) 455-4811 today.

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