Meet Donna Flores

Donna Flores is our lovely Client Care Specialist. Donna is the first point of contact for most of our clients. Donna is great at her job because she loves our clients and wants their lives to be improved through our services.


Donna is passionate about assisting others to overcome difficult chapters in their lives. She enjoys working with the public, and making a positive impact on people’s experiences, no matter what their situation is. She recognizes that when people contact us, something has gone wrong in their lives. Whether it is criminal, family, or personal injury, Donna enjoys the opportunity to help ease other people’s burdens. She loves to be useful to our clients and to her fellow staff members.


Donna is thorough and accurate, and she enjoys being a part of the Sara Jones Law Team. She is friendly, sincere, dependable, persistent, patient, and kind. She is the exact type of person we want corresponding with our clients because we know she will always give them the great care they deserve.


Donna is a graduate of Polk State College and has been working with clients with difficult legal issues since 2016. Donna joined our team in 2020 and has been helping to bring justice to our clients since. She looks forward to continuing to assist our clients through what is often the most difficult of their lives.